Navigating History - Endeavour Voyage 2020 Stamp and Coin Cover



Commemorate one of the most significant voyages in maritime history with this postal numismatic cover from Australia Post and The Perth Mint. Featuring:

  • $1 Australian Legal Tender coin
  • Commemorative reverse design
  • Issue limit - 6,500 
  • Two official Australia Post stamps
  • Beautifully designed envelope

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Legal tender$1

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The British Royal Navy’s research vessel HM Bark Endeavour, captained by James Cook, embarked on its Pacific voyage on 26 August 1768 with instructions to chart the transit of Venus across the sun at the equator. Reaching the east coast of Australia in 1770, the Endeavour’s exploration of the Pacific Ocean had a tremendous impact on navigation leading to the first large-scale hydrographic surveys and advancements in the measurement of longitude.

Endeavour Coin Design

The coin’s reverse design features a representation of HM Bark Endeavour against an outline of the east coast of Australia. Depicted in the background are various flora including banksia, named after Joseph Banks who recorded the species aboard the Endeavour, and wattle. Also included in the design is a representation of a navigational instrument, the inscription ‘ENDEAVOUR 1770-2020’ and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

Themed Envelope and Official Australia Post Stamps

The uncirculated aluminum bronze coin is housed in an intricately designed card with a circular window revealing the coin’s reverse and obverse designs. The subtle colour palette and bold symbols featured on the envelope represent a fusion of cultures with artwork inspired by the skill of European explorers and the sanctity of Aboriginal traditions.

Affixed to the envelope are two official Australia Post 55c stamps featuring a representation of the HM Bark Endeavour and map of Australia. The themed postmark incorporates the first day of issue, 29 April 2019, and the significant location Botany NSW, 2019.

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